Our Team (Old)

Senior Executives

One of the fundamental benefits for a non-profit organization to be served by an association management firm is the ability to access a range of expertise and personnel resources on an as-needed basis. At ASMI, each client is assigned one key account executive who coordinates the interaction with other key staff in the ASMI organization.

Elizabeth B. Armstrong, MAM, CAE, QAS
President, Account Executive

Beth is ASMI president and chief staff executive for several ASMI clients, leading the staff service teams and ensuring the annual work plans are...

Harry W. Buzzerd, Jr., CAE
Chairman, Founder, Owner, Management Counsel

Chief executive officer and owner, “Buzz” oversees total ASMI company performance and is ultimately responsible for programs and financial management of client associ

Dawn M. Shiley, CAE, QAS, TSMBE, CVEP
Marketing & Communications Director, Account Executive

Dawn is ASMI’s chief communications and marketing professional and manages specific programs for several clients. She is proficient in newsletter writing, editing and p

Barbara B. Tyeryar
Chief Operating Officer Finance, Grants & Facilities Administrator

Barbara coordinates ASMI’s human and capital resources for client advancement, as ASMI chief operating officer. She is a long-term staff executive who has grown...

Clay D. Tyeryar, MAM, CAE, QAS
President, Trade Associations Division Account Executive

Clay’s areas of expertise include international trade, lobbying, government relations, fundraising, international exhibition management and production, trade missions a

Additional Professional Staff

ASMI is a family business with more than 25 employees, many who have been with the company for more than 20 years. ASMI’s executive personnel are well-qualified and exceptionally well-credentialed – the majority of ASMI’s account executives are Certified Association Executives (CAEs), and all are Qualified Association Specialists (QAS). In 2014, 14 of ASMI’s staff completed a 12-module series to earn the QAS designation from the Florida Society of Association Executives. ASMI has the largest cohort of QASs of any organization in the world.

Staff also holds a variety of professional designations and recognition according to their areas of specialty, such as the Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) in the meetings department and TSMBE (The Social Media Business Equation Certification) in the communications and marketing department.

ASMI support staff is committed to customer service, and capably fill clients’ needs. Employees are encouraged to participate in leadership positions with non-profit organizations, such as the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the International Association of Association Management Companies (IAAMC), and the National Association of Manufacturers Associations Council (NAM Associations Council). ASMI staff volunteers hundreds of hours annually to have the same solid understanding of volunteerism, as do clients’ members.

ASMI staff experience, education and training in management and development of associations benefits each client. Staff collectively hold many undergraduate and graduate degrees relevant to serving not-for-profit organizations. Some represent clients internationally, allowing unique opportunities to grow using existing personal and professional contacts and strong cultural and governance perspectives.

Rachael Alter, EMT, QAS
Program Manager

Rachael is the staff liaison for the Pediatric Emergency Care Council and the Data Managers Council for the National Association of State EMS Officials...

Judith O. Buzzerd
Meetings and Travel Director

Judy supports conventions and meetings management; participates in special client projects; and assists in facilities management. She serves clients by providing member s

Rebecca Campbell
Member Relations Coordinator

Rebecca coordinates logistics for the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP), services and manages the EMEX trade show for the International Association of Eme

Kelly Eigler
Finance Manager

Kelly is an experienced nonprofit accounting professional providing financial and administrative services, including reporting, budgeting, analysis of key performance ind

Claire Etheridge, QAS
Membership and Programs Manager, Marketing Management, Social Media Management

Claire Etheridge serves as the membership and programs manager for the American Trauma Society, and is responsible for supporting its day-to-day membership recruitment ef

Chelsea F. Steadman, M.S., QAS
Project Manager

Chelsea is the assistant executive director for IAEM She is the staff liaison to the IAEM-USA Board of Directors and coordinates all committee and...

Eileen Flores
Program Manager

Eileen is the Trauma Survivors Network Program Advisor for the American Trauma Society. Her work focuses on supporting national office staff and TSN Coordinators...

Dia Gainor, MPA, QAS, EMT-P (ret.)
Account Executive

Dia is the executive director for the National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO) and provides strategic leadership to promote and expand

Olivia Galinis
Project Coordinator

Olivia helps coordinate client events, projects, and member services for the National Homeland Security Association, the Emergency Management Accreditation Program, the I

Mary F. Hedges, MPA, QAS
Program Manager

Mary is a program manager serving the National Association of State EMS Official (NASEMSO). She is the staff liaison for the NASEMSO Medical Directors...

Thad Huguley
Government Affairs Director

Thad is the government affairs director for the U.S. Council of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM-USA). He develops and implements strategies for.

Julie Husk, JD, QAS
Program Manager

Julie is program manager for several ASMI clients, providing support to committees and work groups, producing conference programs, speaker coordination, and board/ govern

Nicole Livingston
Account Executive

As executive director for the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP), Nicole provides executive-level supervision and day-to-day management, including: directi

Christine Jacobs
Program Manager

Christine is the assistant director of the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP). She coordinates special projects, including EMAP’s pilot programs in t

Katherine Joseph
Program Manager

Katherine Joseph is the National Trauma Survivors Network coordinator for the American Trauma Society. Her focus is to support TSN coordinators as they implement...

Sharon L. Kelly, QAS
Executive Assistant, Meeting Registrar, Database Manager, Certification Administrator

Sharon is the ASMI meetings registrar and database manager. She provides member services and support to the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and...

David Liebman
Accreditation Administrator, Assessment Coordinator

David is an assessment coordinator for the Emergency Accreditation Program (EMAP). He is responsible for the assessment process for state and local programs including...

Kate McClimans, IOM, QAS, CVEP
Program Manager

Kate is a program manager and provides support for the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). She assists with the IAEM Certification Program, as...

Kevin McGinnis, QAS, MPS
Program Manager

As program manager for the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO), Kevin assists NASEMSO officers and staff to plan, coordinate, and fulfill the...

Kristi Nadler
Assessment Coordinator

Kristi is the assessment coordinator for the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP). She will provide direct coordination and organization of EMAP’s assessm

Suzanne M. Prentiss, MPA, NRP
Account Executive

Sue serves as the executive director of the American Trauma Society, leading efforts to grow and support the organization’s programs, research, and resources. She...

Zoe Renfro, QAS
Project Coordinator

Zoe is a project coordinator for NASEMSO. She coordinates the needs of NASEMSO’s contract team currently assisting on two of NASEMSO’s federal contracts. Additionally

McKenzie Riley
Educational Program Manager

McKenzie is the educational program manager for the American Trauma Society (AMS). Her work focuses on maintaining and expanding in-person, online, and other distance-bas

Kathy Robinson, RN, QAS
Program Manager, Account Executive

Kathy is the director of strategic partnerships for the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) and staffs the association’s Trauma Managers Council, and.

Michelle Savoie, CMP, DES, QAS, CVEP
Program Manager, Meeting Planner

Michelle is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and uses her comprehensive knowledge of meetings management to enhance the experiences of ASMI clients. PEMA uses...

Lindsey Winters
Training and Education Coordinator

As training coordinator, Lindsey supports the Emergency Management Accreditation Program’s (EMAP) comprehensive training program including online training webinars and

Leslee Stein-Spencer, RN
Program Manager

As a program advisor, Leslee assists the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) officers and staff on domestic preparedness issues. Leslee has more...

Karen Thompson
Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Editorial Consultant

In addition to her role as editor of the IAEM Bulletin, monthly newsletter of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), Karen manages IAEM...

Jody Toman, MPH, MA
Grant and Proposal Writer

Jody provides proposal and project writing services to the National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO). She is currently the technical wr


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