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Administration and Management

ASMI helps non-profit organizations by customizing services needed to accomplish the group’s mission and purpose. Client business operations are conducted to maximize productivity and efficiency. Accredited by AMC Institute, ASMI has demonstrated the commitment and the ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to associations and not-for-profit organizations.

Financial Administration and Accounting

Financial management is according to Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP), delivered by personnel who specialize in non-profit organization management.

Fundraising and Outreach

Experienced marketing and sales staff can help clients meet their revenue generation needs. ASMI can help create a marketing plan defining target outreach efforts and key prospective donors/members; facilitate use of volunteers to appeal to colleagues; and conduct in-person, telemarketing, and e-mail campaigns.

Member Services, Recruiting & Retention

Membership records are maintained by ASMI using standard database technology, and membership retention is accomplished through a regular invoicing system. Strong communication with members is the key to retention. ASMI delivers regular communications to association members to support the value of membership, also creating listservs for members networking.

Meetings and Events

ASMI manages all aspects of meeting planning and conference production. Services include defining event specifications; site research and negotiation; meeting logistics planning and management; agenda preparation and distribution; badges and registration list preparation; fee collection; handouts and reference materials; minutes and proceedings production and distribution; call for speakers and speaker management; design of exhibit or sponsorship programs; and more.

Trade Shows and Exhibits

ASMI is proficient in trade show management, including development, facility negotiations, exhibit sales and management, marketing and promotion, exhibit guide production, and onsite management. ASMI has experience with smaller table-top exhibits to large exhibits with 300 exhibitors located both inside and out.

Government Relations/Advocacy

ASMI’s government relations department includes a registered lobbyist and other professionals who specialize in legislative and regulatory advocacy work. Clients benefit from 30 years of relationship-building in such key areas as domestic preparedness and homeland security, emergency management and first response; long-term work also includes federal officials in commerce, trade and manufacturing issues. ASMI’s staff includes a broad array of policy expertise, state and federal government experience, and former legislative staff.

Communications/Public Relations; Media; and Coalition Building

ASMI communications services include: media and press relations; press releases; article placement; editorial services; and graphics and design services. ASMI can build a media campaign to meet the needs of an association’s mission and goals and enhance government relations and advocacy efforts. ASMI is proficient at coalition building. Using our DC presence, we identify organizations with common goals and like interests and work to identify issues of mutual concern.

Website Administration

ASMI’s client websites are managed in three ways: (1) ASMI designs and maintains the site; (2) The site is designed by an outside service provider, and ASMI maintains data; or (3) Client chooses a site template, and ASMI provides all original content and maintains data. ASMI staff helps clients identify the appropriate features, organization, and content to maintain the online portal to the group.


ASMI staff offer expertise in association publications, including editing, writing, design and production support for products ranging from professional, peer-reviewed journals to monthly newsletters to twice-monthly e-newsletters. Several client publications receive regular accolades as valued professional services.

Committees and Task Forces

ASMI staffs a range of committee and work group operations, providing the appropriate mix of leadership and support depending on level of subject matter expertise and staff needed for activities.

Statistics Program/Survey Management

ASMI manages statistics programs that provide valuable business in formation used by members to benchmark their performance and track professional trends, while maintaining confidentiality of data. Additionally, ASMI is adept at periodic special focus surveys via e-mail or online.

Grant Proposal Writing

For several clients, ASMI manages government grants and all financial and program accounting relevant to maintain those grants. ASMI’s grant writing team seeks funding opportunities (including government programs) that are appropriate for our clients and submits applications. Grants are managed by our Finance Department and the Contracts Management Team.

Awards Program Management

ASMI manages special programs for clients, including two extensive media contests that garner more than 500 entries and an international Scholarship Program with awards based on merit. Recognition is an important component of volunteer service, and ASMI is available to counsel and support any type of awards program. Applications and reviews can be conducted online depending on client needs.

Certification Program Management

ASMI guides clients through the development of certification programs.  As an example, the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Certified Emergency Manager® Program was funded by a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is recognized by many employers as a necessity for employment. Exam content is customized internationally. IAEM has certified more than 1,000 people and continues to grow the program through exam preparatory courses. ASMI personnel also support an emergency management higher education project that may evolve into institutional accreditation.

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Staff Commitment

The majority of ASMI’s account executives are Certified Association Executives (CAEs), and all are Qualified Association Specialists (QAS). Staff also holds a variety of professional designations and recognition according to their areas of specialty, such as the Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) in the meetings department and TSMBE (The Social Media Business Equation Certification) in the communications and marketing department.

Certified Account Executives among Senior Executives
Qualified Association Specialists among Senior Executives
Qualified Association Specialists among staff

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