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Our Staff

One of the fundamental benefits for a non-profit organization to be served by an association management firm is the ability to access a range of expertise and personnel resources on an as-needed basis. At ASMI, each client is assigned one key account executive who coordinates the interaction with other key staff in the ASMI organization.

Senior Executives


Elizabeth B. Armstrong, MAM, CAE, QAS
President, Account Executive
Beth is ASMI president and chief staff executive for several ASMI clients, leading the staff service teams and ensuring the annual work plans are successfully executed. In collaboration with ASMI’s chairman, she directs application of company resources to fulfillment of commitments to clients. -more-


Harry W. Buzzerd, Jr., CAE
Chairman, Founder, Owner, Management Counsel
Chief executive officer and owner, “Buzz” oversees total ASMI company performance and is ultimately responsible for programs and financial management of client associations. -more-



Dawn M. Shiley, MA, CAE, QAS, TSMBE, CVEP
Marketing & Communications Director, Account Executive

Dawn is the chief staff executive for some of ASMI's clients, marketing and communications manager for others, and also manages specific programs for a few.

Barbara B. Tyeryar 
Chief Operating Officer, Finance, Grants & Facilities  Administrator
Barbara coordinates ASMI's human and capital resources for client advancement, as ASMI chief operating officer. She is a long-term staff executive who has grown with the company. Her assignments include client budget controls; accounts receivable and accounts payable; federal contracts administration and audits; and facilities oversight and maintenance.

Clay D. Tyeryar, MAM, CAE, QAS
President, Trade Associations Division, Account Executive 
Clay’s areas of expertise include international trade, lobbying, government relations, fundraising, international exhibition management and production, trade missions and financial controls. He is chief staff executive for several ASMI clients, and he is the exhibit director for EMEX, IAEM's award-winning trade show.