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About Us

Scope and Purpose

Association and Society Management International (ASMI) is known for delivering superior customer service in the development and management of trade associations, professional societies, political action committees, advocacy groups and other not-for-profit organizations. ASMI helps organizations position themselves to optimally serve members of their profession, industry or cause. ASMI personnel perform administrative oversight and management functions, allowing elected leaders to focus on association policy and professional issues. ASMI helps clients define metrics of success and achieve goals as appropriate to expand scope, size and influence. While ASMI provides full-service association management to most of its clients, it can also help organizations needing only partial support such as event management, bookkeeping, special projects management or other outsourcing resources. ASMI is accredited by AMC Institute, the global trade association representing the association management industry.

Employment Benefits

ASMI offers excellent career opportunities and employment benefits for qualified personnel. With an average tenure of more than 12 years, its workforce demonstrates exceptional job satisfaction in a positive, team-oriented environment. ASMI invests significantly in its human resources through training, mentoring, and support of certification goals. An independent audit of the company concluded that ASMI's professional development offerings are among the most exceptional that the auditor had encountered. See Employee Benefits.

Ownership and Affiliations

ASMI is a Chapter C corporation owned by Harry W. Buzzerd, Jr., CAE. He has managed associations since 1964 and has built a very solid reputation for ASMI, serving as a leader among association executives on many boards, committees and special projects within the industry of association management companies (AMCs).

ASMI participates in peer groups such as the AMC Institute, the American Society of Association Executives and the National Association of Manufacturers Associations Council. Additionally, ASMI principals maintain membership in various sections of ASAE specific to their scope of service, such as meetings and expositions management, administration, international affairs and similar sections. ASMI staff also belongs to the Washington Area Financial Management Roundtable, the DC Certification Networking Group, the Associations Council of the National Association of Manufacturers, affiliate councils of the National Association of Counties and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, the Stafford Act Coalition, and more.

Corporate Structure

ASMI’s full-time, permanent staff offers a complete breadth of expertise in not- for -profit management and service. Personnel include senior executives with 30+ years of experience in all aspects of organizational success. Working with program managers with focused strengths such as meeting planning, advocacy, communications, government relations, etc., ASMI serves its clients through a team approach, designating a key account executive and additional personnel as needed to fulfill the client scope of work (including program management, statistical support, marketing and communications, financial, etc.). They are assisted by all key staff members in the Finance Department, Corporate Services, and other specialized departments

ASMI provides each client with the “Performance Policy Statement and Quality Assurance Program.” ASMI recommends scheduling at least annual conferences between ASMI principals and client officers to discuss service satisfaction, current activities, staff performance, and other key areas.


ASMI’s headquarters includes a multi-media training/meeting room with capacities of 40 people classroom and 70 people theater-style seating. There are on-site kitchen facilities, full-service print and duplication services, and all other requirements to ensure successful meetings. The building is WiFi-equipped, dish satellite serviced, and wired for all the services necessary for distance education/ remote meetings, and dayto-day interaction with clients around the world. The office is located minutes from downtown Washington, D.C., offering ready access to the U.S. government and the D.C. Metro area. Located one mile from Interstate 66 with handy access to the D.C. subway and other public transportation services and commercial centers, ASMI is in an ideal business location. The three-story building is in a small, quiet office park, within walking distance to a wide selection of area restaurants and hotel accommodations. The ASMI-owned building is available to clients for meetings, events, and social activities to suit client needs. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., five days a week. After hours, key staff have cell phones, e-mail/Internet access, and fax access at locations outside of headquarters. We are organized for and engage in weekend and holiday travel to fit any client schedules. Our telephone system provides a personal greeting for each client, and a bank of 40 lines ensures that a client’s customer never hears a busy signal. Other state-of-the-art features include voice mail available 24 hours per day, third-party conferencing and call forwarding.